Williamss Biletnikoff chances

Last year, it was the Heisman. This year, another Baylor player is up for one of college football's most prestigious awards. Baylor senior Terrance Williams is one of three finalists for the Biletnikoff Trophy, awarded annually to the most outstanding wide receiver in the nation.
The winner between Williams, USC's Marqise Lee and West Virginia's Stedman Bailey will be announced tonight on ESPN's Home Depot College Football Awards show at 6:30, live from Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Below, we break down how Williams stacks up against Lee and Bailey.
Total yardage
1. Williams, 1,764
2. Lee, 1,680
3. Bailey, 1,501
Yards per game
1. Williams, 147.0
2. Lee, 140.1
3. Bailey, 125.1
1. Lee, 112
2. Baily, 106
3. Williams, 95
Yards per reception
1. Williams, 18.57
2. Lee, 15.00
3. Bailey, 14.16
1. Bailey, 23
2. Lee, 14
3. Williams, 12
Percentage of team's receiving yards
1. Lee, 47 percent
2. Williams, 41 percent
3. Bailey, 36 percent
Percentage of team's receiving TDs
1. Bailey, 54 percent
2. Williams, 38 percent
3. Lee, 37 percent
Lowest single-game output
1. Williams, 71 yards vs. Oklahoma State
2. Bailey, 30 yards vs. TCU
3. Lee, 32 yards vs. Washington
Number of 100-plus yard games
t-1. Williams, 8
t-1. Lee, 8
3. Bailey, 6
Number of games with a TD reception
1. Bailey, 10
2. Lee, 9
3. Williams, 8
The three areas that probably stand out the most are touchdowns, total receiving yardage and yards per reception. Williams leads the latter two categories, including a sizable margin separating him from both Lee and Bailey in yards per reception. Bailey has the biggest advantage when it comes total receiving touchdowns, but it could be argued Williams and Lee played in offenses where the contributions of teammates took away several scoring opportunities.
Williams appears to be the most consistent receiver of this group. His 71 yards in the season finale was his lowest total of the year, whereas Lee had two games with fewer yardage than 71, while Bailey had four worse games than Williams's lowest output.
Frankly, there's very little separation between these players. All three are very deserving. Two intangibles that could either hurt or help Williams: He played for the No. 1 rated offense in the country, so voters could assume that any player would get Williams's numbers. Conversely, Williams is the only senior of the group, and voters could take that into consideration and vote for the player who capped his career with a brilliant season.
One thing is certain: The speculation will end tonight during the awards ceremony starting at 6:30 p.m., with Baylor looking to take home another major award for the second straight season.