Reaching out to West

The strength of a community isn't defined by its structures but by the people who are in them. On April 17, our neighbors in West suffered immeasurable loss when a fertilizer plant exploded and took lives, changed other lives and forever changed West itself. By now, we've seen the videos or the pictures. Several of those lives lost were the first responders. They were volunteers.
While the breaking news has passed, the recovery and restoration of West continues and will for a long time. The shock, sorrow and horror have yet to subside. All over, the state of Texas has responded like many would expect. The causes are numerous.
But there can never be enough.
Starting Thursday April 25, SicEmSports is doing its part. Through the help of The First National Bank of Central Texas in Waco, we are attempting to raise funds and help the people of West. We have opened a beneficiary account with the bank. It will accept any and all monetary donations. No amount is too small. For your peace of mind, I have taken great care to make sure all donations go directly to the bank. WE will NOT see any of these.
When you write the check please make it out to Reaching Out To West. On the memo part, please put the account number - 41111931. The bank's routing number is 111903245.
Please direct all mail correspondence to:
Ms. Nina Williams
Banking Officer/New Accounts
The First National Bank of Central Texas
P.O. Box 2662
Waco, Texas 76702
If you're in the greater Waco area and stop in one of the bank's locations in Waco, Woodway-Hewitt, China Spring or Hillsboro, just reference those aforementioned account and routing numbers and that should suffice. Or if you wish to debit, you can call the bank at (254) 772-9330 and see if someone can help you. Use the numbers to help in your call. There is no goal in mind in what we hope to raise. My family has already participated in this.
I'd like for this effort to last for several weeks, perhaps finishing around Memorial Day. All we want to do is play a small part in reaching out to this community and let them know we are thinking of them and that this unknown amount can pay for something that otherwise could not be funded.
I'm sure many of you have already participated in some fundraising function, but I hope you will strongly consider this one. We love recruiting and following Baylor. But let's demonstrate something that's bigger than ourselves -- our selflessness.
I hope you'll join us.
Kevin Lonnquist
Jake Shaw
Staff Writer